In recent years, Tim has become increasingly busy recording drum tracks. Originally building a studio to record his own projects, he has seen his little studio becoming quite busy. Mostly recording drums for songwriters and performing artists, Tim also records small bands. Quite often recording the beds (bass, drums, rhythm guitars, guide vocals) for artists who are DIYing their own album. As the drummer and engineer all in one, he offers big studio drum tracks without the big studio price.

Tim is comfortable with performing/recording pre composed drum parts as well as spending the time to create the perfect part. With years of experience in many genres, Tim understands how to create drum parts that suit the music and come from the perspective of the songwriter.

All files are generally transferred via Google drive or dropbox. This means Tim can record drums for artist anywhere in the world. Tim also charges per song, not per hour. Without the pressure of the clock, the song gets space the space it needs to breath its way to life. Fee may vary depending on the complexity of the performance that is required.

The drum room is small and dry. This allows the mix engineer to add the perfect reverb that is appropriate for the song, instead of being stuck with the room sound that is irremovable from the tracks. With a blend of modded ribbon mics, nice condensers and some reliable shures, plugged into focusrite pre-amps running into RME converters, the quality is world class.

This is my little studio in Coburg Nth.