Tim is renowned for his ability to teach in a informative and inspirational manner. Teaching a balance of theory, practical application, improvisation, reading and playing by ear, Tim conveys knowledge in a way that allows the student to easily comprehend and apply immediately. All his teachings are based on real world application, and are relevant to each students goals. Often teaching lessons with his bass guitar in hand, each student not only learns, but experiences what it is like to play as part of the rhythm section.

The biggest difference in learning with Tim his ability to show the student how to think for themselves. Students learn how to come up with their own parts, how to listen and react to the other musicians they are performing with and how to use their ears to understand what they are hearing. This also extends to the student learning how to develop exercises and practice routines for themselves so they can take control of their own musical direction and personality.

Tim teaches all levels from beginner to pro. With an emphasis on getting beginners on the drums and playing asap, Tim gives the learner useful and fun things to practice that give them the power to jam with other musicians and express themselves musically. Even with the most simple skill set, a new student can do a great many fun and creative things.

VCE music students a also very welcome. Tim is very familiar with what it takes to do well in VCE music. He has guided dozens of students through the whole process in addition to scoring an A+ on his own VCE drum kit solo performance exam way back in 1994.

Working drummers also still love to learn. Often a performing drummer will identify a flaw in their work but be unsure how to correct it. Tim excels at finding solutions to these problems by developing exercises that address the problem and advance the musicians skill set. Many musicians find themselves pigeon-holed and often need help moving their mind set to a new place. Learning new styles and concepts can also include learning the history and attitudes that a required to make the music feel authentic.

Lessons are available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 3:30 and 8pm in Coburg North 3058. All enquiries to or click the contact link to message.

Lesson PDFs

After nearly 30 years of teaching drum kit, Tim has developed hundreds of exercises for students of all levels. Here are a few examples in PDF for you to enjoy.